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Earn money offline: 17 options

Earn money offline: 17 options

1. donate blood or donate plasma
Over four million people in Germany donate blood every year - both as a whole blood donation and as a plasma donation. And clearly: the donors of blood  or blood plasma  donate life, because with their help the sick and injured are helped.

Many blood donors are aware that their donation is worth money and is also sold against it. Accordingly, it should also be fine if the donors also benefit financially in the form of an expense allowance. That, we find, does not detract from the good deed.

For whom? Persons who are at least 18 years old (there is also a maximum age, this usually depends on the institute, where donations are made). That the donor is healthy, is a mandatory requirement and will be checked during an initial examination.
How much can be earned? The amount of the allowance depends on which blood donation service or company you donate your blood - you can get between 20 and 25 euros for a whole blood donation. Anyone who decides to donate blood plasma will even receive an even bigger expense allowance.

2. Make money as a supplement or an extra
On the boards that mean the world: whether film or television - just about any production extras or extras are  sought. These actors are not stars or trained actors, but normal people. The ideal opportunity for anyone to get a taste of movie air, have fun and at the same time make the most of it.

For whom? For all those who are flexible enough to be on the set for whole days and who can cope with sometimes long waiting times between the scenes.
How much can be earned? For each filming day, extras receive between 50 and 70 euros, and those who additionally take on a small speaking role get more money.

3. Quite classic: sell used at the flea market
We have already listed this possibility under the online methods, but those who do not shy away from the effort but enjoy communicating with people and like to haggle can also sell their superfluous possessions at the next flea market in their area. Although this does more work than selling online, it brings a lot of fun and a lot of contacts to communication talents.

If you do not want to make your way to the next flea market, you can also organize a garage flea market to sell  your belongings "offline" directly on site.

For whom? (As with online second-hand sales, see above): For those who have things lying around at home that they no longer need.
How much can be earned? Again, as above for online used sales: Revenues depend on the number and type of items you sell.

4. Make money as a test subject or drug tester
The Drug Law requires that, before a new drug comes on the market and the doctor may prescribe it, it will be tested on humans. Subjects are available for these research studies - and they are well paid for it.

For whom? On the one hand, medical subjects should have no problem with making themselves or their bodies available for research purposes. In addition, there are "inclusion criteria" and "exclusion criteria" for each study that the subject must fulfill. And these criteria for so-called inclusion or exclusion can be completely different.
How much can be earned? As I said: For the participants in medical studies beckons, depending on the nature and effort of the study (and any inpatient stay in a clinic), usually a very good earnings. In part, four-digit amounts are paid to the subjects.

5. Test and earn home products
Admittedly, testing products is less about money than being able to keep the test products afterwards. This is often worthwhile because the items that are made available to the product testers sometimes have a considerable monetary value.

Many more information can be found on our website, including here:

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6. Make money with private car sharing
Private car sharing is a financial reward for all car owners who do not need their vehicle all the time and have no problem submitting it to other individuals for money. The rental takes place via private car sharing agencies -  Getaway , Drivy  or Tamyca or Snappcar  are included.

For whom? For all vehicle owners who want to reduce the cost of their car by subletting to others
How much can be earned? The amount of revenue depends on the vehicle itself, the rental region and the time during which the car is rented.

7. On-board courier: Courier emergencies as a source of income
You want to get around and earn some money? As an emergency courier, so the on-board courier is also called, it is quite within the imaginable that you cover 20,000 kilometers within two days. That this is possible only by plane is clear - "on board" . The emergency courier carries important shipments - as a passenger on the plane.

For whom? No job for everyone, but this job is often exercised by students or agile retirees: They must almost immediately be ready to go, competent, resilient and English-speaking.
How much can be earned? The fee depends on the duration of the order and the distance of the destination. Per order, the earnings can be between 150 and 500 euros

8. Making money while driving a car by passengers
Whether traveling to the job, to the university, home or just for fun: Who is traveling with his car or regularly commutes, can earn money by taking others. The business model of paid rides is actually nothing new, but was - like so much - perfected by the Internet and mobile apps.

"Ridesharing" is  very easy with BlaBlaCar , for example, and the App Flinc also  allows passengers to find a better way of distributing travel expenses (even while driving).

For whom? For all motorists who still have room in the vehicle on their journeys
How much can be earned? The earnings are based on the respective route (start and destination), the length of the route and the number of passengers

9. Give tutoring
We hardly need to talk about this kind of extra income - especially students, teachers and students of higher grades work as private tutors  and regularly earn good money with it.

For whom? Private tutors must have the necessary knowledge in the subject (s) they want to offer as a basic prerequisite. In addition, social skills, empathy and fun in dealing with the (mostly) young people are important.
How much can be earned? The merit depends on your qualifications, the subject and the difficulty of what you impart to your students. In addition, it does matter whether youofferthe tutoring on your own or through a tutoring service such as student help.

10. Making money with promotion jobs or as a hostess (or host)
As a promoter or (trade fair) hostess , there is a very flexible and fast way to make money quickly. Especially for students, this is an ideal way to refresh your finances.

What is done in the field of promotion depends heavily on the promotion agency or the client you work for. Whether in the reception, at the cloakroom or for distributing flyers at trade fairs, as a consultant or taster in the supermarket, as a product consultant in an electronics store, as a distributor of product samples in trendy bars or in the pedestrian zone, hostesses or hosts are even used as supervisors of VIPs - the Tasks are enormously versatile and challenging at the same time.

For whom? For outgoing, friendly and open personalities with good manners and healthy self-esteem. Depending on the application, it is possible that the clients require special qualifications such as foreign language skills, technical know-how or individual skills. In addition, you will need a trade licensefor most jobs(sometimes dayjobsare also billed as a short-term mini-job).
How much can be earned? The jobs are usually well paid. The hourly rate or the daily rate will be billed. The profit margin varies depending on the required qualification and field of application.

11. Extra income as a babysitter
Almost as little as to a tutor, we must probably say to this classic, with the (many) young people to refresh their pocket money. But of course there are also students, housewives, retirees and other groups of people who enjoy interacting with children and make money as a babysitter .

For whom? For people who like to interact with children and are responsible
How much can be earned? Usually hourly billed - the earnings are usually between 7 and 12 euros per hour

12. Specially for animal lovers: go for a walk or pet sitting
Dogs run and earn money - dog lovers dream of this job. Over 10 million people in Germany have one dog (or even more) and by no means all of them have time all day long to walk their four-legged friends or provide them with the necessary exercise. Best opportunity for Gassigeher to jump in and make money.

For whom? For reliable and animal-loving people who have experience in dealing with dogs.
How much can be earned? The earnings depend heavily on the individual qualities and the extent of the activity (all-day care entails more money than "just" going for a walk). The possible profit margin, which can be between 10 to 30 euros per use, is correspondingly broad.

13. Sample Model: Earn money with the right fit
Try-on Models or "Fitting Models" try new designs , because before new collections of clothing or shoe manufacturers go into production, it must be ensured that the fit for the customer is right. There are also try-on models for every size of clothing - for both women and men. They try the models of the first sample collections, so that the fit can be optimized for production. Zalando, Otto, Tchibo, Esprit, Comma and many more: There are a lot of companies offering this job . But if you want to earn money in this way, you have to live near the corporate headquarters.

For whom? For all those who are interested in fashion, who enjoy trying on new clothes and who are ready to use on demand.
How much can be earned? Usually the hourly rate is based on an hourly rate of between 10 and 20 euros, depending on the employer or customer. Possibly additionally a travel allowance is paid.

14. Make money as a test buyer
To make the customer king, companies hire test buyers  (or test buying agencies) to review and report on employee performance in stores or service companies. Mystery shopping is more than just shopping. The fields of application are very versatile: test customers are used in retail, in restaurants , banks or insurance companies, hairdressers, furniture stores, etc. - so the job offers a lot of variety. To check compliance with the protection of minors, students are increasingly being used as test buyers  .

For whom?  People with good comprehension and good memory, because of course you can not record your impressions during the test purchase live on the spot, but only afterwards, when you are back home.
How much can be earned? The amount of money to be earned depends on the type and scope of the project and is based on a fee on a flat-rate basis.

15. Make Money with Car Advertising
For a long time there was basically only dubious provider of car advertising  in the market; But now - and many car owners are looking forward to it, there are two relatively new and serious switching platforms for car advertising.
There are now two relatively young, but serious advertising platforms : Myprintcar  and Wrapclub - we have already conducted interviews with both companies. In the talks, the founders describe, among other things, which requirements the vehicles have to fulfill in order to participate in an advertising campaign, how an average advertising campaign runs, how the money is paid and also in which regions car owners can already participate.

For whom? For motorists with a sufficiently new and well-maintained vehicle, who have no problem advertising for others on their car.
How much can be earned? Earn between 50 and 70 euros per month or between 150 and 350 euros per campaign

16. Make money as an assistant on daily inventory or daily events
For inventories  or as an assistant at events (see the experience report of Kjell W. at the Cyclassics ) can earn considerable money within a few hours. The special thing about such jobs is that they are very limited in time - usually such helper jobs are only scheduled for one or two days  . After that there are money directly afterwards, partly the earned is even paid cash. Incidentally, it is quite possible that follow-up engagements beckon. After all, anyone who has worked successfully as a helper is often "booked" again at the next stocktaking or event.

For whom? For secondary job seekers, who want to make money without obligation in companies and who can free themselves for hours or a few days.
How much can be earned? Per use 50 to 150 euros are possible.

17. Our graduation tip: Combine the possibilities
If you are really serious about making money, in this article you got our top ideas as input - in terms of the number of ideas, there really has to be something for everyone. Of course, this does not exclude that many of the proposed methods can be combined well. So if you want to make money very fast, you can set an effective lever with the right combination.

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