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16 Best Options to Make money

16  Best Options to Make money 

Earn Money Online: The 16 Best Methods on the Internet
1. Answer online surveys at market research institutes
For market research purposes, large companies commission market research institutes to obtain differentiated information about the market and its products or services. That deals with answering online surveys is undisputed that it is quite easy and comfortable to earn additional income .

Anyone who participates in online surveys from home is paid in return with money, vouchers or bonuses.

How much can be earned? Payment is per survey: from 50 cents up to 8 euros per survey, in exceptional cases once more. The potential earnings are higher, the more polls a participant answers. Accordingly, it might be advantageous to register with several survey institutes.
For whom? For those who want to work from home and who enjoy sharing their opinions
Additional income with online surveys: Here you will find reputable market research institutes

2. Making money quickly on the go: No problem with the right apps
Streetspotr , ShopScout , Roamler or Appjobber - these are the four apps you need when you want to earn money quickly with one or the other job (also called "micro job"). How it works? Download app (or all apps), select and finish order, collect cash. Where do the jobs take place? Often there are supermarkets or other retail stores such as electronics stores, drugstores, pharmacies, mobile phone shops or petrol stations, but also in, for example, McDonald's restaurants or cinemas, there were already micro jobs to do.

For whom? If you are traveling by mobile phone and have some spare time on the way to work or shopping, you are sure to have fun doing microf jobs.
How much can be earned? Every completed order is paid. For small, fast jobs, there is even "only" one euro, with most jobs, the earnings are between 3 and 10 euros depending on the effort. For very special tasks have already been paid 20 euros. It is especially worthwhile if jobs can be done several times in different branches, because then you already have practice.

3. Make money online as a website tester
This method of making money on the internet is very much in vogue. When "crowdsourced testing" , this term is behind this relatively young industry, the mass (the "Crowd" So) testing sites, apps and software from a home PC, and gets paid for it - for example, testing time is a renowned provider of crowdsourced testing. Incidentally, as a crowd tester, you do not work as an employee .

For whom? For all internet users who enjoy surfing. Best of all: no professional knowledge is required.
How much can be earned? Paid per test order, the merit is dependent on the scope of the test

4. Open a free checking account and make money with it
"I beg your pardon?!" Maybe one or the other of you might ask this heading. But it's true: for the opening of a free checking account you will be rewarded by some banks with cash bonuses. Such welcome premiums are usually available from direct banks that do not operate their own branch network on site. Of course, the banks are 100% serious, for example, they are subsidiaries of renowned banks such as Commerzbank or HypoVereinsbank.

If you want to know more, our editors have made the practical test and found that this extra income is one of the really simple ones: Earn fast and easy 150 Euro: That's the way it works

For whom? For anyone who wants to get a free checking account and has no problem with it, if their bank has no branch office. Cash withdrawals at ATMs are free of charge, as far as the ATMs of the ATM network to which the direct bank belongs.
How much can be earned? The amount of the premium depends on the bank and the account (in our field test, it was 150 euros). In addition to the premium, some banks also offer their customers cashback (in some cases even 20 percent) when shopping in hundreds of online shops.

5. Be an influencer on the internet
Jella Haase aka Chantal sums up her career aspirations in the third part of the film series "Fack Ju Göhte" : she wants to become an influencer. What's a thorn in the movie is a real job in the life reality of a growing number of Instagrammers , YouTubern or bloggers , with the sometimes even make a lot of money.

For whom? Ambitious instagrammers, creators or bloggers who are not afraid to present themselves in public. Incidentally,successful influencers are not just about the subject of beauty: even entertaining or informative social media accounts can offer tremendous revenue potential.
How much can be earned? Quite similar to making money with YouTube, a concrete statement of merit is almost impossible - there are unbelievably many factors influencing the merit

6. Make money as a copywriter: write job texts
Anyone who wants to work from home and who easily and flawlessly goes out of their hands to write short texts can earn money as a web copywriter or contract editor. There are various content portals on the Internet that advertise such orders.

For whom? Students, housewives, workers, pensioners, the self-employed: This job is ideal for anyone who wants to work flexible from home. Good knowledge of German and careful work are a must (often a beginner test must be completed).
How much can be earned? The payment is made per written text and is based on the specified text size and the difficulty. Alternatively, one pays per word, depending on the quality of the text, the possible earnings are between 0.7 and 4 cents per word. Ultimately, however, the respective merit depends heavily on the own speed when texting.

7. Write creatively and make money as an author on the internet
Anyone who is more ambitious and does not want to write only small job texts, but wants to write their own (longer) texts, for example, more extensive guides, short stories or even novels, can start immediately. Because on the Internet, it is very easy these days to publish and sell your own books. Authors of e-books can use sales portals such as Amazon, etc. or sell the books in-house on their own website or blog.

For whom? For all creative text writers and passionate hobby authors
How much can be earned? A statement on the merit is generally not possible, because who could predict whether a book is a bestseller?

8. Sell used online: clothes, books, electronics and more
Even old or used things can turn out to be a good online source of income: you do not have to do more than clean it up once. Everything you no longer need, you can easily sell on the Internet.

If you want to sell electronics, books or clothes for a fixed price, this is best done through second hand portals like Momox or Rebuy etc. But the sale of used on a classified ad is possible on the Internet: On eBay classifieds (as a smartphone app or via the PC) can everywhere free classifieds are displayed.

Those who would rather offer their things on an online flea market, use the smartphone app Shpock .

For whom? For those who have things lying around at home that they no longer need.
How much can be earned? The revenue, of course, depends on the number and type of items you sell.

9. Online side revenue with YouTube
Much has already been written about YouTube as a way to earn money - and not just from us, of course. Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for uploading and sharing videos. For many, it is still a big dream to become a star there and to earn a living this way. Many video makers have already proven that it works, only (and unfortunately the past has also shown that), it is not easy to quickly earn on the video platform on the side. Until it comes to the hoped-for windfall, in most cases, a lot of work and time is needed.

For whom? Creative, communicative and credible personalities who can turn a good idea into a video
How much can be earned? A concrete statement about the merit almost impossible, since this depends on numerous factors. One thing is for sure: YouTube can sometimes be used to earn a little, but sometimes a lot of money.
More information and suggestions with us:

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10. Temporarily rent out unused living space and make money
Many people use Airbnb to freeze cheaply . But those who want to earn money can offer an unused room in their apartment (or even the entire apartment) for rent to individuals online on the portal. To make it as easy as possible to host Airbnb , the company provides a wealth of information, tips and tools. Alternative providers to Airbnb are for example 9flats  or Gloveler .

11. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
In order to generate an additional income with affiliate programs (the German term for Affiliate Marketing ), there is hardly any way around your own website or your own blog  or, for example, a YouTube channel - but with the software that today (even for free) to Is available, at least technically for anyone should be a problem.

A good idea, a good writing (or good videos) and additional patience and perseverance you should already have. In return, you can work from home at free time. Placing affiliate programs or Google Adsense on your pages or videos will earn you money on every click, lead or sale generated through the affiliate links.

For whom? For people with a good idea for a blog or a website that can write and have endurance.
How much can be earned? First, the revenue depends on the topic. In addition, the earnings potential increases with the number of visitors.

12. Sell your own photos online
You like to photograph well enough? You can also earn money with mobile phone photos and digital photos - the possibilities are different:  5 different ways in which you can earn additional income with mobile phone photos or digital photos . On the one hand, the pictures can be sold online via microstock agencies or you can make money with your photos via Instagram. Other options include order photos (keyword microjobbing, see above) or the sale of reader photos to online editors.

For whom? Amateur photographers and of course (semi-) professionals
How much can be earned? Differently; depending on the platform on which the images are sold and the quality or theme of the photos

13. Play online games and win money
Admittedly, you should consider this method not as a pliable additional income, but better as a potential option with a high fun factor. If you want to look at the whole thing, you will find many tips and three reputable platforms for online games (among others) in our research job as a Skillgamer

For whom? For those who enjoy skill games and do not necessarily want to generate money through it
How much can be earned? ? The possible profit depends on the individual skill (not for nothing is called "skillgaming"), on the gaming platform and the type of game (duel or tournament)

14. For a few euros in between: Swagbucks
Whether student, employee or pensioner: Swagbucks is equally suitable for all groups of people. Whether you enjoy watching videos, playing online games, taking part in surveys, or saving cash while shopping online, the options that Swagbucks offers in terms of money are versatile. We talked to Sebastian Uhlig, the CEO of Swagbucks Germany, about what the portal offers .

For whom? For those who want to save on online shopping, enjoy online games, videos or online surveys.
How much can be earned? The earnings depend on the activity in the Swagbucks community. Sebastian Uhlig told us that one of the most successful members within just four months has earned just under 300 euros in the survey alone.

15. Sell your own, home-made small (or large) products
If you want to live out your creative streak while also making money, then you should absolutely look at the online marketplace for homemade, DaWanda . Maybe you have already successfully sold your products on art and craft markets, jewelery exchanges or the like? With DaWanda, you can offer your creations online at any time, because anyone can join in there.

For whom? For all creative self-makers
How much can be earned? The merit depends on the product and workload

16. Make tax return and submit online: On average, 900 euros
Every year thousands of taxpayers give away a lot of money because they refrain from filing a tax return and filing with the tax office. The Federal Statistical Office has calculated that the average tax refund is 900 euros. It should now be very easy for anyone to make a tax return - only one PC and the corresponding software is needed, then the whole thing via Elster online to the tax office.

For whom? For anyone who can (or must) file a tax return
How much can be earned? With a manageable working time, a tax return, as mentioned, on average, a refund of 900 euros bring

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