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12 Types of Bosses Hated by Employees in Offices Because of Their Attitudes

12 Types of Bosses Hated by Employees in Offices Because of Their Attitudes

Unfortunately, there are still many employees who really hate their superiors because of their arbitrary attitude. If this is felt by some or almost all employees in the company, then the leader must be willing to change his attitude or actions.

However, not all leaders are aware of the shortcomings they have. So that it becomes a big problem and causes office conditions that are not conducive to work.

If this keeps happening without any changes and that reminds, then slowly the employees who work in the company will submit themselves.

But don't worry, a leader can anticipate attitudes or behaviors that employees really hate. So that when you are given the opportunity to be a leader you can avoid it. Then, what type and example of a boss do employees hate in the office? Here on the review!

1. Not responsible
Anyone who does not want to or give up responsibility will surely get important notes from people around.

Likewise if the one who does it is a boss who leads a company . The employees who become subordinates will hate the boss, because it is always separated from responsibility.This irresponsible attitude is usually like telling employees to do work or tasks.There is also a boss who releases responsibility when the company is in an unstable situation.

A boss does have a considerable role in the company, but if he acts as he likes without being based on a sense of responsibility, eventually the employees will hate and leave the boss.

2. Relax in work
Having a boss who is always relaxed at work does have a positive and negative impact.

For example, the positive impact is that the office atmosphere will be warm because the boss applies flexible and non-binding regulations.

For example in terms of dress, bosses who have the type of casual on average will not require employees to dress formally except in certain events.

Then, there are also those who apply working hours that are not too tight, but the target must be fulfilled properly.

However, having a boss who is too relaxed at work will also have a negative impact such as the emergence of hatred.

They hate because the work done feels slow, there is no boss who can motivate employees to get the job done, and the boss is always late to come to work.

If so, gradually the employees will become bored quickly and choose to leave the workplace.

3. Feel the Most Right
A person who is made a boss does have more skills and experience than his employees. However, it does not mean that these abilities feel the most right and act arbitrarily.

If there is a boss who has a type like that, then it is certain that the employees who work with him will hate the boss.

For this type of boss if there are employees who make mistakes, then with enthusiasm they will scold the employee.However, if the boss makes a mistake he will throw the blame at someone else.

A boss must be able to reduce his ego by being wise and willing to listen to criticisms and suggestions from others. If this is done then it will be far from the nature of the boss who feels always right.

4. Not Giving Appreciation to Employees
Many employees feel that they are not valued by their boss due to a lack of appreciation or praise to them.

Even though from an appreciation, the motivation of employees will be built and will be even more active in terms of working without having to be told by the boss.

Unconsciously, a rare attitude taken by the boss will lead to employee hatred towards the boss.

Therefore, if you are appointed as the boss to avoid this, then make an appreciation to the smallest employees.

Appreciation delivered can also be in the form of personal greetings or announced during the meeting. Or it could also get a salary bonus which is certainly worthy of being received by the employee.

5. Get angry quickly
The type of boss the next employee hates is a quick temper and emotions that are easily provoked.

Usually the boss of this type will dispute a trivial matter so that it impacts on employee performance.

If this is allowed, it will have an impact on the office atmosphere that is uncomfortable and stressful. Instead, it will have a negative effect on the performance of employees in the office.

6. Excessive in Regulating and Supervising Employees
A boss does have the authority to regulate and supervise employees. But if done too much and too much interference will make employees hate bosses who have that trait.

Employees will assume that the boss does not entrust him fully to the abilities they have. If that is the case, the employee's space will not be free and feel uncomfortable to be supervised and regulated.

7. Privileging and discriminating employees
The type and example of the boss the next employee hates is too privileging and also discriminating against employees.

For example, for example, a boss is more siding with senior employees or those who have more achievements. Every time there is a meeting at the forum, it is always the "golden boy".
The attitude of a leader is indeed not entirely bad because the boss may ask other employees to follow in the footsteps of the outstanding employees.However, if in reality the boss always favored one of the employees even though there were many employees who were superior, then this would cause hatred.

8. Work without knowing time
The boss who is hated by the next employee is the one who has the type of work without knowing the time. If this is only done by the boss, of course the employees will not hate it.

However, if you have involved employees by giving assignments without knowing the time it will cause hatred.

The average boss who has this type forgets to give a job until it exceeds the time to go home. If that is the case, they must overtime with work that does not end.

9. Not keeping promises
Promise is giving hope to someone who really wants or needs it.

If the promise is not fulfilled, of course it will cause disappointment that is very painful.

Likewise when there is a boss who can only give promises but cannot fulfill them, it will cause hatred.

Promises that are usually carried out by a boss such as salary increases, position, additional leave or vacation and so forth.

However, the promise was never realized and only became a big nonsense.

10. Too narcissistic and self-proud

The type of boss the next employee hates is too narcissistic and prides himself. The boss proudly describes the achievements and the greatness he possesses excessively.

The sentence that usually comes out from the boss who has this type is "I am the boss here who has received the award ..." or "I am the Best Boss in Indonesia who will definitely be able to ..."
At first glance it might look like a joke, but it is real. If so, the employees will not be able to dodge or defend themselves.

11. Closed and Confidential
Closed and secret boss type will be hated by its employees. Closed attitude here is not about personal life or the nature of it, but rather a closed and secretive attitude towards a job.

In a job, it is usually not good if it must be closed and transparent. Because when working, you definitely need a team to get it done.

However, if a boss chooses to be closed and secretive, employees will feel unappreciated. Especially if the work he does must involve many teams, it can be divided and cause misunderstandings.

12. Rarely Do Discussions and Coordination
Even though being a boss, you still have to discuss and coordinate with other employees.

Involve them to give ideas, suggestions, criticism to complete a job. Do not let you decide something that will indeed harm many people.

As a boss does have the authority to decide everything. However, if the decision is sudden and too rushed without discussion, it will cause hatred to the boss who leads it.

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