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10 Symptoms and Signs You Have Job Stress

10 Symptoms and Signs You Have Job Stress

Stress itself is a condition or feeling where someone feels required to exceed his ability to face something.

If this stress is not managed properly or channeled to things that are not supposed to be, then stress can affect the health and psychological condition of a person.

If you are stressed in the face of work, of course it will have fatal consequences on office tasks and also your career.
Of course if you have entered symptoms of stress, you should immediately take time off or do other activities that make you return to the way they used to.

To check first whether you are stressed or not, here we will describe about 10 symptoms of stress facing a job. And following the review!

Knowing Job Stress Symptoms

1. Get angry quickly

Angry quickly, is one of the symptoms of stress facing work. Anger, irritation, and quick offense is an accumulation of emotions that cannot be channeled to good things.

As a result, when facing a job you will feel pressured and anger will arise because you cannot do it well.

In addition to having a bad impact on relationships with fellow coworkers, emotional anger is very bad for you and can affect health.

The cause of even anger, can be caused by not being given understanding or appreciation from your boss for your work. So that it triggers stress and causes a sense of anger that is prolonged.

2. Often feels pain
The next symptom if you are stressed in the face of work is often feeling pain. The pain suffered varied whether it was due to dizziness of the head, stomach ulcer, heart, even if there were severe people who suffered a stroke.

The pain experienced is a psychomatic symptom in which a person is experiencing a great deal of pressure and affecting his health.

If people are stressed and often feel sick, any disease is not medically detected. It's just that someone feels it because of the suggestion he made.

Usually the pain he feels occurs when he has to face a job with an extraordinarily difficult burden. Or it could be because the pressure from the boss about the target must be achieved.

3. Often Tired
Have you ever experienced a condition that is very tired even though you are not doing enough activity? If your answer is yes, you may be experiencing symptoms of stress at work.

Tired is not because of physical fatigue, but tired of the psyche when you have to face the workload that feels quite heavy.

Usually if you are tired of your soul, you will not be able to concentrate on completing work. In addition, even if you have enough rest and take supplements you will still be tired if psychologically untreated.

Beware of this condition, because it's wrong so it will affect your performance in completing work.

If your boss has rebuked and protested about your work performance, you should look for ways to get rid of that fatigue.

4. Avoiding Office Tasks
Often avoiding office work or there is a feeling of wanting to run away is one of the symptoms of stress facing work.
Many psychologists claim that the intention to avoid is one of the brain's mechanisms in overcoming a problem.Of course if this is maintained, you will be labeled as an irresponsible employee. And it may be self-defeating for a longer term.

It's good to take a break from resting instead of continuing to avoid office assignments.

5. Often Make Errors in Working on Tasks
The next stress symptom is if you often make mistakes in working on assignments. Even though the task is an easy task or you usually do.

But because the pressure is approaching you so stressful, the effect is that you make a pretty fatal mistake.

If the stress is not managed or channeled properly, then do not be surprised if one day your boss takes action to transfer the responsibility of the task to the other colleagues.

Surely it is a loss not if the stress is not managed properly?

6. Loss of Confidence
The next stress symptom is loss of confidence. This is due to the enormous pressure facing a job. From this pressure arises self-doubt to be able to solve it.

If doubts in themselves often arise, then the long-term adverse effects may be the loss of confidence.Though this self-confidence must be owned by everyone. because then every work done can be done well.

7. Be Cynical when criticized
Reporting from a dailyworth site, that someone who reacts negatively when criticized is one of the common responses when someone is trying to deal with stress.

Well, if you have experienced this, then it should be noted that you may be facing the symptoms of stress.

In plain view, your criticizing colleague just wants to tell the truth. However, because your cynical reaction will backfire for yourself.

Maybe someone who criticizes you will have a negative view of you because you don't want to change better. Though behind all that, you are facing stress facing that job.

8. Excessive Sleep or Insomnia

Have you ever found it difficult to sleep even though all day long has been doing quite tiring activities? Or have you ever slept excessively even though in the morning you have to do activities that are so crowded?

If so, you are experiencing symptoms of stress facing work. This stress is created due to work pressure that makes you unable to deal with it.

Of course if this has happened repeatedly or even has become a routine you have to do therapy.Because if left unchecked it will be a prolonged problem and may have an impact on job loss.

9. Withdraw from Social Relationship
Next if you are stressed facing work, it can arise to withdraw from social interaction.

Of course the attitude occurs because indeed his confidence is gone. Or have a problem that is quite complicated to solve.

If there are already employees who experience these symptoms, they should be immediately embraced or approached.

Do not let yourself withdraw from social relations and consider yourself worthless and do something you should not.

Those who withdraw from social relations need friends to share their stories so that the problems they face can be resolved properly. And most importantly they need encouragement to be able to deal with the problem.

10. Acne or Have Other Skin Problems
Symptoms of stress facing your next job are acne or other skin problems in your body.

This happens because the body produces more cortisol which makes the skin more oily and pimples on your skin.

Especially if the zits cannot be treated even though they have done various ways to cure them.

This happens because you are too busy thinking about work, so forget to take care of yourself especially for care. As a result, because it is poorly maintained, it is very possible for acne to occur on your skin.

Even with acne, you can certainly make you less confident. Because acne is still considered something that can damage the appearance.

Ways to Overcome Stress Caused by Work
Are the 10 symptoms above you experiencing it? The main trigger of job stress is almost due to the heavy pressure. Actually, this can be solved in the following ways:

1. Leave While Time from Work Activities
If you have symptoms that want to run away from the office, have difficulty doing work, or have a very disturbing health problem, then you need to take time off for some time to come.

Taking leave is very useful to be able to restore you to its original condition. Leave activities that are carried out such as vacationing, returning home, staying at home and doing a favorite hobby, as well as other activities.

2. Expand Worship
It may be stress that you experience because of lack of spirituality in yourself. Then the solution is to multiply worship and ask the creator for instructions on the problem you are facing.

Believe me, if God has 'mixed hands' the burden or pressure that you feel will decrease even better than before.

3. Therapy to a psychologist
If this stress is so severe that it even disturbs your mental problems, all you need to do is come to a psychologist.

Usually they will first detect the root of the problem that causes you to be very stressed.

When the cause is known, they will provide the right therapy to be able to deal with your stress.

4. Writing a Diary
Writing can also be a therapy to reduce stress on you. Because indirectly has issued feelings that are not comfortable with you. Write down pleasant or unpleasant events that you experience. It's best to do it every day with just 20 minutes.

5. Exercise
Exercising besides being able to make healthy can also improve one's mood. Because it produces endorphin (a happy hormone) that can help channel negative thoughts in a healthy way.
Sports that can be done can walk, run, or take part in martial arts sports that will indeed emit negative energies within you.

6. Smile or laugh
By doing smiling or laughing activities can stimulate the brain to release tension. Well, you can do this with your work colleagues after or before work.

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