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10 Smart Ways to Get Rid of Sleepiness When Working

10 Smart Ways to Get Rid of Sleepiness When Working

Steps to Get Rid of Sleepiness at Work

1. Drinking water

As discussed in the initial paragraph, the cause of drowsiness at work is caused by a lack of oxygen that enters the body causing dehydration.

If that is the case, besides being able to cause drowsiness can also reduce memory, concentration which can lead to decreased quality of your performance.

Of course the solution to this is to drink water. White water is very powerful to eliminate sleepiness at work because it has a lot of oxygen and is good for your body.

Drinking water is highly recommended to drink as much as 8 glasses per day. Well, for you to work you should always prepare drinking water at your work desk. When you are drowsy water is one of the most effective ways to get rid of it.Not only drink when you are sleepy, but can also be taken before and after eating. Or when you have done a solid activity in one full day.

2. Lightweight Sports in between Work Hours
Before starting work activities or when the afternoon break time try to do light exercise. There are sports that you can do are as follows:

Bend your body with the position of kaka straight and your hands touch the tips of your toes. Do this for 5 to 8 times with 5 to 10 seconds.
Beriktunya is to do a standing position while facing one corner of the room. Then stretch your arms so that they are parallel to your shoulders and then move all your fingers to open and close for 10 seconds and do 5 to 10 times.
The next way is to do a sitting position, place both hands on your hips while putting your feet together. Then, hold your chest in front of your eyes.
Do this until you feel tension on your chest. If so, pull the shoulder bone back together. Do this until 10 times in 10 seconds.

By doing the above method besides being able to eliminate drowsiness at work can also make your body healthy.

3. Eat Healthy Snacks
The next way to get rid of drowsiness while working can be by eating healthy snacks. Why healthy snacks? Because there are certain foods if consumed will increase prolonged drowsiness.

Examples are just like foods that contain high levels of lemate and soft foods and drinks that have high sugar levels.

Therefore, healthy snacks that you must consume when drowsiness comes are as follows:

Bread or Wheat Biscuits
Fruits like melons, oranges, watermelons, guava, and so on.
Drink Coffee, you should drink real coffee instead of packaged coffee that is sold in the market. This original coffee has a content that is very beneficial for health.
Drinking Green Tea, this green tea contains caffeine which is very good for the body. The good news is that green tea is also useful for those of you who are running a diet program.
Consuming the above snacks besides being able to disappear sleepiness at work, is very beneficial for your body's health and can increase energy in the body. And the most important thing is that your body will be more ideal and healthy.

4. Change Your Routine When Going and Returning Office

Changing a rutintias or habit that is done is very difficult and requires struggle. However, if this routine is the main factor that causes drowsiness when working, it must be changed. The ways to change these assets are as follows:

If you often use private vehicles to the office then occasionally use public vehicles that can "force" you to walk. If it is not possible, park your vehicle in a far enough place so you can walk to the office
If you often use the elevator to go up to your work room, then occasionally use a ladder to get up to the study
Reduce or avoid going home too late at night for activities that are less beneficial. If indeed there is no overtime assigned to you.
Sleep faster with a capacity of 7-8 hours.
By carrying out the new routine is a therapy to bring energy naturally. It is precisely with lots of exercise and regulating sleep hours that it has changed the routine of going and going to your office.

5. Chat with your coworkers
If drowsiness at work is whacking then another way you can do is chat with your coworkers.

However, to chat with coworkers, you should find a friend who is not busy. And don't be too long to chat if you don't want your boss to reprimand.By doing this chatting activity can make your mind more refreshed. And perhaps the obstruction can bring unexpected luck or "luck".

And most importantly, aside from being able to repel drowsiness, you can also establish intimacy with fellow office partners in different divisions or divisions.

6. Listen to Music
The way to get rid of sleepiness at work next is to listen to music with a rhythm that makes you excited. This method is often carried out by employees who are exposed to drowsiness while working and prove to be very effective.
In addition to choosing songs that are rhythmically uplifting, you are free to choose your favorite songs that you normally play. That way will have an effect on increasing your work productivity.

However, to listen to rhythmic music, you should use a headset so that your friends around you do not feel disturbed.

To listen to music while working this is highly recommended for those of you who really work in the division that is not related to the customer. Therefore, you should do these activities when indeed you are sleepy or when your mood is not friendly

7. Face Wash
The next way is certainly no stranger to your ears. Because the activity of washing the face when drowsy does not only apply to employees but for students - or students who are studying.

Of course, there is nothing wrong if drowsiness whack you immediately go to the toliet to wash your face. When you wash your face you should use cold water because it will provide new freshness for your face.

If you are a Muslim, it is also a good idea to make ablution because it can refresh your body parts so that it improves your mood.

The risk when washing your face, of course, the makeup you use will fade a little, then there is no harm in re-tidying your makeup. That way, in addition to lost sleepiness you will again look "fresh" again.

8. Tidy up the Work Desk and Install Aroma Therapy

The way to get rid of drowsiness at work next is to tidy up your desk. This activity actually "forces" you to work so that your body's muscles try to activate the whole body to work.

As a result, of course drowsiness will disappear by itself. You can start tidying up the work from the piles of paper used, then tidy up the stationery, drawer cabinet, to change the position of the desk, laptop, or seat that you use.Once neat and clean, there's nothing wrong with adding aroma therapy to be installed on your desk or workspace. The aroma of therapy chosen can be the aroma of flowers, fruits, and so on.

This is of course very useful for improving mood, concentration, and also your productivity at work.

9. Take a Walk Around the Office
The next effective way to get rid of drowsiness at work is to take a walk around the office. If your workspace is at the top, there's nothing wrong for a walk for a while visiting your colleagues who are in the lower room.

Likewise, on the contrary, if you are in the lower room you can take a short walk to the upper room or take a walk to the rooftop where you work if there is one.

By doing "movement" the road helps you to add new energy and freshness. And most importantly, can eliminate prolonged drowsiness.

In addition to walking, it would not hurt to stop by the reception room briefly to sit in the guest chair while reading the newspaper.

Or if in your office you have a garden, it's good to look around the park and also plants around you. This is very useful for taking a moment to rest your eyes from the computer screen.

10. Take a nap

If the above method does not work, then there is no choice but to nap for 10-20 minutes at work. Of course the consequence of napping at work is that you cannot lie down or lie on your stomach.

To be able to take a nap while in the office this should be done when the break is for the specified time.There is nothing wrong with asking permission from your boss or your coworkers. This is useful so that nothing is disturbing and disturbed by your sleep activities while in the office.

Sleeping this afternoon is the most effective "medicine" when drowsiness engulfs. Because it never hurts to take a nap while around you is not disturbed and afterwards you can move normally again.

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