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10 Popular Ways to Overcome Fear of Speaking in Public

10 Popular Ways to Overcome Fear of Speaking in Public

Public speaking is also included in the category of skills, especially if you want to continue a higher career and also be professional.

Those who are not accustomed to speaking in public will certainly feel ashamed and not confident.The ability to speak in public is very necessary, especially for you employees who often conduct meetings or meet with clients and also company activities.

Having these abilities will help you convey the bright ideas and ideas that you have.But in reality not everyone, in this case professionals such as employees can speak well in public. Sometimes the fear dominates itself so that it can't do it.

Usually, they choose to be silent on various occasions, for example at meetings or other events that require communication with many people.

1. Organizing the Needs for a Good Presentation
When you want to be appointed to provide information in public, then what must be prepared first is to organize all the needs of the presentation properly.

Because if this is not done well, then feeling nervous and not confident in public speaking will appear.Therefore, learning to prepare the prenatal needs from the material, audio, and other teaching aids needed.This, not only applies to people who are professional but can also be done by those of you who are first time to speak in public.

2. Fight Shyness on Yourself
Embarrassment starts from feeling unsure of himself, and ashamed of being the reason many people don't want to speak in public. Now, to learn to speak in public, then the next thing to do is fight the shame.

One powerful way to fight shyness is by assuming that everyone is the same as you. Don't feel unsure of yourself. Throw away the pessimism that other people are better than you.

Do not mind the position, or where they go to school, how much they pay, talk according to the context and convey the things you will convey.Continue to cultivate confidence in yourself and remember that the audience in front of you really needs the information that you will convey.

Besides that they also do activities like you do, then why should you feel ashamed to speak in front of them?

Another way to get rid of the shame of speaking in public is to consider your audience as your friends. This will make you comfortable and relaxed talking in front of them.

Even if you speak wrongly, they will understand, because they are your friends.

3. Try to Imagine Your Success when Speaking in Public
Imagining your success is a way to be calm and relaxed when speaking in public. This means that even in your mind, positive things are ready to be realized.You can imagine it starts with how you open presentation, look at the audience, and close it perfectly.
By way of imagining it, it can be your therapy to help reduce anxiety when speaking in public.

4. Start talking in public by doing something from the smallest and easiest things
On certain occasions such as meeting forums, you can take advantage of this moment to sharpen your speech. Check out the meeting, and submit things that you don't understand.

Don't be shy, to ask questions that you will convey. Throw away the feeling that you are stupid because of asking questions and other feelings that are not important.Most importantly, you can learn to speak publicly. If you continue to do this habit on other occasions, then you will definitely become accustomed to speaking in public.

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You will begin to realize that speaking in public is easy and not as scary as you might think.

Besides asking questions, you can also express an idea or idea. By being used to arguing and asking questions, it can be a means to be able to speak publicly.

5. Practice and practice again
If you are given the opportunity to speak in public to deliver a material, then the best way to do it is to continue to practice and practice.

When you practice you can ask for help from your family or closest friends to hear you deliver the material.

Don't forget to ask for corrections and also enter the best in improving your performance when speaking in public.

Or you can also record your performance using videos. Every time you can see shortcomings and things that don't feel right when delivering material.

6. Trying to Be Yourself when Speaking in Public
When there is an opportunity to speak in public, do not try to imitate other people's speech styles. And you can be yourself so that you are not affected and become a burden to yourself.

If you imitate someone else's style, you will be someone else and fixate on a style that is not your own. And it will also adversely affect the audience.Therefore stay relaxed and also calm in speaking. Build your own chemistry, so that it will create a conducive atmosphere.

7. Focus on the material being delivered, not on your audience
It has become commonplace, that when you first speak in public it will focus on the audience that is coming.

Especially if the audience is great and influential people. Therefore, so that it does not disturb you when performing, then you must focus on the material to be delivered.

Basically, people present at the place want to get the latest information from the speaker. So, don't show yourself that you are nervous or there is an error when delivering a material.

8. Establish closeness with the audience by means of eye contact
To gain confidence and establish closeness with Auidens, all you need to do is make eye contact with the audience.

By making eye contact can provide an effect of emotional closeness with the audience. When there has been such an atmosphere it can have an impact on the establishment of a comfortable communication.

Eye contact also gives the impression that you value the person you are talking to.

To do this, you can learn from people who have experts speaking in front of many people. Surely their eyes are always in contact with listeners. Some studies also mention, eye contact in a communication facilitates the information conveyed.

9. Pray First Before Public Speaking
Believe it or not, prayer before doing everything will make you feel calm. Positive vibrations that arise after praying will help you dare to speak.

Praying will make you feel calm and overcome any problems that exist when you speak in public.

10. Find the Best Mentor to Train You to Speak in Public
If you are still having difficulty speaking in public, then you can't help but look for a professional mentor. With the aim of training you to speak in public and encourage your confidence.

Insecurity in public speaking can also be caused by psychological factors. Where someone has been traumatized because of the attitude of others who underestimated him when speaking in public.

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